• Kimball Towers
    Kimball Towers Condominium is a 132 Residential Unit; three Commercial Unit high-rise condominium building in the heart of Downtown Springfield. Originally The Hotel Kimball, Kimball Towers has a unique place in Springfield's historic elegance. The Kimball Towers houses a diverse community with amenities including on-site laundry rooms on all floors; night and weekend security; free WiFi; on-site Management, maintenance and janitorial services; newly-built storage rooms available for rental and rental of the front ballroom for residents hosting a private event. Building entry is secure via a sophisticated bio-metric hand-reader.
  • Water's Edge
    Water's Edge is a 72-Unit townhome-style condominium property located in Ludlow, MA. Peaceful, carefree lifestyle in a beautifully-landscaped location that is convenient to the Mass Pike, Routes 291 & 91, shopping, dining and so much more.
  • Twin Oaks
    Twin Oaks Condominium sits on 3.5 acres of lovely landscaped grounds located in Chicopee, MA. There are eighty-six housing units of various styles.
    A system of walkways link and define the outdoor spaces. Recreational facilities include a swimming pool and a community center.
  • Sumner Place at Forest Park
    Located in historic Forest Park, Sumner Place at Forest Park Condominium houses 48 Residential Units; one Retail Unit and 34 Garage Units, most of which are deeded with the Units. Management, the Board and Developer work together to ensure the professional residents of this building enjoy upscale, secured, city living while having the peaceful
    enjoyment of a park-like setting atmosphere.
  • Shaker Village Estates
    Shaker Village Estates in Westfield, MA is still under development and possesses a variety of unit sizes
    and floor plans. The surrounding natural setting and beautifully landscaped grounds enhance the serene living environment for this community of retired professionals and families.
  • Elm Court Condominium
    Elm Court Condominium sits on two sites across the street from each other in West Springfield, MA with 42 garden-style Units. Elm Court is a high investor
    owned Association surrounded by shopping, dining, parks and nightlife located in the retail section of the city. Management works with Unit Owners, Investor Owners and Tenants to maintain a carefree living environment for all Residents.

Autumn Caron Management Newsletter


As summer fades into fall, I can understand why autumn is the favorite for so many people - milder days and crisp, cool evenings; the colorful changes in scenery; back to school; the harvest; comfort foods; the start of football season and the new season of our favorite television shows.


If you need assistance with those not as enjoyable aspects of fall - raking, gutter cleaning, yard clean-up, power-washing, window cleaning or if you are thinking that this is an ideal time to get some maintenance/repairs made or make some renovations, contact Caron Management. We will be glad to help.

Yes - Autumn is here. Leaves are changing and will soon be falling, the air is cooling and kids are back to school. As we begin our shift from the warm summer months to the cooler autumn and winter months, we wish to remind you of a few safety considerations.

Back to School: Please be extra mindful and keep an eye out for kids walking and biking to school. Parents, if possible, walk your child to the bus stop or school and pick them up as well. If your child bikes to school make sure they wear a helmet. Kids, Walk and ride to school safely. Obey traffic lights and signals, walk only in crosswalks, and listen to the crossing guard.

Book Bags and Backpacks: Keep backpacks light - a child's backpack should only be 5 to 10 percent of his or her body weight, according to the American Chiropractic Association. A backpack with wheels is easy to maneuver and reduces back stress. If your child does choose to wear a backpack, utilize both straps. Slinging the backpack over one shoulder may cause spinal curvature.

Give Space Heaters Space: Space heaters need space, too. As the weather gets cooler, space heaters come out of their summer hiding places. Remember to leave at least three feet of space around your heater. Unplug it when it is not being used.

Test your CO Detector: During cold weather, your furnace will be running and your windows will be closed. Test the carbon monoxide detector near your home's bedrooms. (FYI - These detectors are required under MA law even in private homes.)

Never Heat with an Oven: On chilly autumn mornings, avoid the temptation to warm the kitchen with a gas range or an open oven door. The un-vented products of combustion can quickly build to toxic levels.

Replace Expired Fire Extinguishers: Make sure that the fire extinguisher in your home is still good. If it has expired or discharged, be sure to replace it promptly.

Test Your Local Smoke Detectors: If it needs a new battery, then replace it. If the detector still does not function, replace the detector.

SO YOU WENT APPLE PICKING - What to do with all those Apples!

Here's one quick idea!

Carmel Apples - Sweet and Crisp!

Remove the stems from six apples and insert a craft stick. Melt one package (14 oz) individually wrapped caramels and 2T of milk in microwave for two minutes. Let cool slightly. Roll each apple quickly in caramel sauce until well coated. (Optional - Roll in chopped walnuts for extra crunch and flavor.) Place on buttered cookie sheet to set.