• Kimball Towers
    Kimball Towers Condominium is a 132 Residential Unit; three Commercial Unit high-rise condominium building in the heart of Downtown Springfield. Originally The Hotel Kimball, Kimball Towers has a unique place in Springfield's historic elegance. The Kimball Towers houses a diverse community with amenities including on-site laundry rooms on all floors; night and weekend security; free WiFi; on-site Management, maintenance and janitorial services; newly-built storage rooms available for rental and rental of the front ballroom for residents hosting a private event. Building entry is secure via a sophisticated bio-metric hand-reader.
  • Water's Edge
    Water's Edge is a 72-Unit townhome-style condominium property located in Ludlow, MA. Peaceful, carefree lifestyle in a beautifully-landscaped location that is convenient to the Mass Pike, Routes 291 & 91, shopping, dining and so much more.
  • Twin Oaks
    Twin Oaks Condominium sits on 3.5 acres of lovely landscaped grounds located in Chicopee, MA. There are eighty-six housing units of various styles.
    A system of walkways link and define the outdoor spaces. Recreational facilities include a swimming pool and a community center.
  • Sumner Place at Forest Park
    Located in historic Forest Park, Sumner Place at Forest Park Condominium houses 48 Residential Units; one Retail Unit and 34 Garage Units, most of which are deeded with the Units. Management, the Board and Developer work together to ensure the professional residents of this building enjoy upscale, secured, city living while having the peaceful
    enjoyment of a park-like setting atmosphere.
  • Shaker Village Estates
    Shaker Village Estates in Westfield, MA is still under development and possesses a variety of unit sizes
    and floor plans. The surrounding natural setting and beautifully landscaped grounds enhance the serene living environment for this community of retired professionals and families.
  • Elm Court Condominium
    Elm Court Condominium sits on two sites across the street from each other in West Springfield, MA with 42 garden-style Units. Elm Court is a high investor
    owned Association surrounded by shopping, dining, parks and nightlife located in the retail section of the city. Management works with Unit Owners, Investor Owners and Tenants to maintain a carefree living environment for all Residents.

Caron Management - Featured Management Services

With the operational synergy of two divisions working together to drive our success, Caron Management, LLC offers a comprehensive range of services, or selected services as needed, always with the emphasis on the quality of living, security of the buildings and increased value of your home. There is no 'boiler plate' approach to any situation. Each Community and Property has its own personality, priorities and idiosyncrasies. Therefore, I have developed and offer an a-la-carte Menu of Services, allowing Condominium Associations to pick and choose just what services they need, or sign on for full management, inclusive of all services.

Property Management generally consists of three main components; Financial Management, Facilities Management and Administrative Management. Caron Management offers management solutions to create and maintain a safe, secure and enhanced living atmosphere.

Financial Management

Long and Short-Term Financial Stability

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Financial Management Services

Budgeting - Evaluate Financial History, Provide Suggested Operating Budget for Upcoming Year

Long-Term Reserve Plan Administration - Work with the Board and other Professionals to Develop a Long-Term Evaluation and Plan to Extend the Life Cycle of the Property and Assets of the Association

Cash Flow Analysis - Monitor and Track Income and Expense Trends; Provide Solutions and Recommendations to the Board

Accounts Payable - Review Vendor and Contractor Payables; Timely Payment of Association Expenses

Accounts Receivable - Collect, Record and Deposit Association Dues

Collections - Continually Monitor Receipt of Association Dues, Report Delinquencies to the Association's Legal Counsel and Oversee Collection Proceedings Through the Foreclosure Process as Needed

Books and Records Reporting - Monitor and Analyze All Financial Aspects of the Association; Provide Financial Accounting Reports to the Board on a Monthly Basis


Site / Facilities Management

Effective and Reliable Solutions

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Site / Facilities Management Services

Site Inspection - Regular Inspection of the Grounds, Facilities and Equipment of the Property to ensure that it is Safe and Well Maintained. Monitor Violations of Rules and Regulations and Ensure Compliance with Architectural Control Standards of Common Areas and Limited Common Areas

Contractor Supervision and Inspection - Negotiate Contracts for Various Services, Including Janitorial, Security, Grounds Keeping, and Waste Removal; Schedule all Repairs and Maintenance with Vendors and Ensure the Proper Care of the Property; Investigate and Resolve Owner/Resident Complaints or Objections to the Services Provided

24-Hour Emergency Support - Caron Management 0ffers a 24-Hour Emergency Support Service

On-Site Employee Supervision and Management - Evaluate Performance of Employees; Process Payroll; Schedule Daily Tasks and Maintenance

Security Plan and Supervision - Provide Innovative and Pro-Active Solutions to Promote a Safe and Secure Atmosphere

Project Management - Solicit Bids from Several Contractors and then Advise Board About Which Bid to Choose; Once Contracts are Negotiated and Established, Monitor Contractor Performance, Investigate and Resolve any Complaints from Residents and Tenants when Services are Improperly Provided

Caron Management Maintenance - Caron Management has an In-House Maintenance Staff Fully Capable to Perform Carpentry, General Maintenance, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC and Other Maintenance Needs; Caron Management also has a Vast Resource of Specialists when Repairs Exceed the Capabilities of Regular Property Maintenance Staff.


Administrative Management

Accomplishment of Anticipated Goals

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Administrative Services

Reporting - Provide Regular Updates Regarding the Property's Physical Condition, Owner and Resident Relations and Financial Status

General Administration - Tracking the Performance of Financial and Physical Aspects of the Property to Ensure Accomplishment of Anticipated Goals; Resolving Owner, Public and Vendor Complaints and Any Conflicts

Community Revitalization - Regular and Pertinent Communication with Unit Owners/Residents via periodic Newsletters, either Electronically, USPS or Community Website with Updates on the Financial and Physical Aspects of the Property; Emphasize the Importance of Community Involvement; Suggest and Organize Community Events

Insurance - Work with Insurance Agent to Ensure Optimal Coverage at Reasonable Premiums; Oversee Any Insurance Claims that may Arise

Record Maintenance - Maintaining Records, Reports and Files

Marketing - Market Available Property; Screen Prospective Tenants; Administer Leases; Affect a Smooth Move-In Process

Monthly or Quarterly Meetings - Compile a Comprehensive Package of Information and Development of Meeting Agenda for Review and Discussion at Periodic Meetings Between the Client and Management

Rules and Regulations / Lease Administration Enforcement - Develop a Cooperative Relationship with Owners and Residents to Ensure Compliance with Association Rules and Regulations and Architectural Standards

Website Administration - Caron Management Provides Associations the Ability to have their Own Web Space, which will Provide a Multitude of Services and a Communication Medium for Unit Owners and Board Members.

Facebook Page Development and Administration - A Widely Popular Networking Opportunity for Individuals as well as Businesses and Even Associations, Promotes Community Spirit and Provides a Vehicle for Communication of Association Updates, Events and information

Annual Meeting Preparation and Attendance - Notification of the Annual Meetings to the Ownership; Assemble a Package of Pertinent Information and Upcoming Plans of Association Affairs to Present to the Ownership; Prepare for and Attendance at the Annual Meeting

Investor-Owner Requirement Administration - Caron Management has Proven Success in Assisting Associations with Creating Leasing and Rental Guidelines to Enhance the Association's Governing Documents.


Professional Property Management serves as a bridge between Property Owners and/or Association Board Members and the Homeowners of the Association, Tenants and Residents.  As a liaison between Boards/Owners and Tenants/Residents, the knowledge and experience behind Caron Management ensures effective, open communication between all parties; alleviates the pressure and tension that is sometimes inherent with volunteering to serve on a Board or becoming a Landlord; and affords Boards, Property Owners and Residents a peace of mind in knowing that their investment, home and property are well cared for – short- and long-term! 

Caron Management has the background, history and expertise to be able to tailor services to suit your specific needs.  With over twenty-five years of professional management and home improvement experience in the Association, Commercial and Residential markets, Caron Management has experience in a wide variety of organizational and administration styles and approaches. Caron Management brings to you an Experienced, Professional and Personalized Approach to your management and maintenance needs.

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